Sunday, November 14, 2010

Gish Jen/Multicultural Identity--Humor--Class Divides

Gish Jen
Gish Jen is the author of Mona in the Promised Land.  She is truthful, funny, and serious--about being second generation Chinese American and writing about how a family becomes "American."  Her first novel was called Typical American and started the story of the Chang family that is continued in our novel--enjoy and think about how her humor conveys an important message about how immigrants make a life here and how their children re-imagine that life for themselves.  Her most recent novel is World and Town that continues to look at immigrants and the stories of why they come to America and what they bring.

Transcript of her Interview with Bill Moyers from Becoming American: The Chinese Experience
Here is a book review of our book from the New York Times.
Here is an interview with her from Powells Bookstore in Portland.
Here is the page about Gish Jen from Voices from The Gap: Women Artists from the margins.

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  1. Of all our authors thus far, I believe this one may be my favorite. I have enjoyed all of our books, but I think I love this one. :)

    Thank you, Carol and Jane, for sharing such amazing reads with us! I'm already forcing others to read them too! :D